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Thread: Microsofts Pay as you go concept for PC

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    Default Microsofts Pay as you go concept for PC

    If I'm not mistaken Microsoft has filed the patent of pay as you go concept and it thinks this concept will be especially good in developing countries. I'm just giving my point of view here and I'm in no way wanting to be arrogant, I live in Brazil (I have a very good english) and I honestly think this will be a failed concept. I still am not sure on this subject but if anyone could give their views on the matter please post your opinions.

    From the way I see it people in Brazil have to first learn how to use computers and I think Microsoft has to understand that. Even though Brazil is one the countries which most buys computers the poorer people still don't have their own computer and lots of them go to lan houses to have access to computers. I think they wouldn't want to have to pay to use their computers in their homes...

    Anyway I'm still not nuser on this if anyone has any ideas, thought please post. If this topic is in the wrong place please move it =)

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    Yes I had posted this on my homepage :

    With its traditional packaged software licensing model under pressure, Microsoft is eyeing a "Metered Pay-As-You-Go Computing Experience." US patent application number 20080319910, published on Christmas Day, details Microsoft's vision of a situation where a "standard model" of PC is given away or heavily subsidized by someone in the supply chain. The end user then pays to use the computer, with charges based on both the length of usage time and the performance levels utilized, along with a "one-time charge".

    Microsoft notes in the application that the end user could end up paying more for the computer, compared with the one-off cost entailed in the existing PC business model, but argues the user would benefit by having a PC with an extended "useful life".

    Thats MS reasoning. It may not work ... But MS is keeping its options open ...

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    Well, we might soon see PC hubs then. Walk in, use and pay. That could come in handy when you are out of town, don't have a laptop, and need to get some work done.

    Although i don't see this becoming the mainstream computer channel, but this will take up the place the cyber cafe's have in the Internet world. It is definitely more expensive than having a net connection at your place, but sometimes, you still need to visit the cafe!

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