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Thread: Throw Eggs at Satyam’s Raju

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    Talking Throw Eggs at Satyam’s Raju

    If you're very angry with Satyam's Raju, here's your chance to throw eggs at him -- virtually, of course.

    Off late, the Satyam scam is helping mushroom several Internet enthusiasts' dream to unleash their creativity in the form of lampoons, advertisement campaigns, games, and what not.

    This game, titled "Nail the Thief", is the developer's method to vent his anger at Satyam's ex-CEO while giving fellow netizens a platform to do the same.

    Raju's face pops up behind a table every now and then and users are supposed to aim and click in order to land the egg on his face.

    It isn't easy to aim eggs at Raju to land on his face. In the game, he's quite nimble so players might take some time to get to smack several number of eggs on his face in a row.
    So…try it make your High Score !

    Source: TechTree

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    lmao! not angry at raju score was 4.

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