Since a little while I am playing around with videos and video capture. The immediate aim is that I would like to use video for little tutorials that some of my internet friends sometimes ask for. Video tutorials are a lot less effort to make than written tutorials with pictures and text and complex steps are a lot easier to demonstrate.

For that purpose, I was looking for a suitable site to upload the videos. A friend pointed me to Vimeo ( Vimeo, Video Sharing For You ) which is really excellent. They allow 500MB upload capacity per week (including 1 HD file) for the free version - a lot more for their paid version. Signing up is super simple (name, password, email) and you are done. For getting started they have nifty Vimeo 101 video tutorials that make things very clear. They convert your video file for on-line playing but the original is being kept for download. There is a very minor quality impact with the on-line conversion, but the download file is as is.

As a first test I have uploaded a few music snips that I "pasted" together with WMM. The total file size was 108 MBs and it took 58 minutes for the upload (in the background with my slow DSL line). I captured the snips from YouTube with a video capture program.

The quality was not too good at the outset, but it may give you an idea. Anybody who uses YouTube will know the problem. The capture is in 640x480. When you play it, make it full screen. The control is on the right bottom of the little screen - and turn the speakers on. Here it is: Spanish and Brazilian music on Vimeo

If you have any experience or inputs on video processing, I would be interested.