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Thread: Let me Google that for you.

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    Default Let me Google that for you.

    Let me google that for you

    Who has not been in a chatroom or forum and had someone ask some simple piece of information they could easily find out for themselves? makes the point directly and with the sharp edge of humour which will hopefully help them see the error of their ways.

    Just type the question they asked in the interface of this website and click the Google search button.

    Instead of turning up a list of URLs you have to troll through for their answer, you are given a single URL to post in reply.

    The result is a cheeky animation of you typing in the question and suggesting it was not that hard to do.

    This then jumps the viewer to the Google page results they seek.

    Enjoy. JR

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    This is it!

    I have come across this is another forum long time back. Then sometime not long ago, i was looking for this all over google, but i myself could not google this for me

    Thanks for reminding and bringing this up

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    This was new to me. Nice one !

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    I have heard of this before, but thanks JR. Did you know that Google objected to having google in the dictonary because it is a trade name? It was pointed out to them that the phrase "to google" was in common useage by the OED and this is why it was in there. After all we don't really search we google, just like we don't (well not if I can get away with not doing I don't until she how must be obeyed tells me in no uncertain terms to do so) vacum our homes we hoover them

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    KNew this before...thanks..

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