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Thread: CD/DVD, Copying/Ripping - Definitions

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    Arrow CD/DVD, Copying/Ripping - Definitions

    To take off the audio or video from a CD or DVD. Often CD Audio is "ripped" to MP3 files or DVD video ripped to VOB files.

    The process of removing redundancies in digital data to reduce the amount that must be stored or transmitted. Lossless compression removes only enough redundancy so that the original data can be recreated exactly as it was. Lossy compression sacrifices additional data to achieve greater compression.

    Encoding is the process of changing data from one form into another according to a set of rules specifiec by a codec. The data is usually a file containing audio, video or still image. Often the encoding is done to make a file compatible with specific hardware (such as a DVD Player) or to compress or reduce the space the data occupies.

    Common video encoding methods are DivX, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. A common audio encoding method is MP3 although many others exist including MPEG1 audio, DTS, and Dolby Digital.

    On this site generally another name for encoding.

    A more technical term would be "The reformatting of content, without changing the source, to another type of content - most often of a different format than the original (but does not have to be)"

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    thanks for those, people seem to come up with new words every day which leave us ordinary acient types lost. mind you I get lost very easily so it's not that hard to do.

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    Uhhhh, being in the whole video encoding scene, I have to say your explanation of "transcoding" doesn't make sense.

    Transcoding is when you encode a digital format to another digital format. Like transcoding MP3 to AAC, or H.264 to XviD.

    Encoding is when you turn the data from the physical media into digital media. Like encoding an MPEG2 video source (DVD movie) into H.264, or encode audio CDs into digital audio files (such as MP3, AAC, FLAC, etc.).

    I am aware that DVDs and CDs already use digital formats, but you should get the idea.

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