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Thread: First Ever Review of Windows (1983)

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    Default First Ever Review of Windows (1983)

    Microsoft Windows
    A mouse with modest requirements

    by Phil Lemmons

    The desktop metaphor and the mouse present attractive concepts, but Apple's Lisa or IBM's PC XT running Visi On exceeds the budget of the average personal computer user. Both of these systems require a hard disk and great quantities of RAM (random-access read/write memory). Although the mouse itself is a small part of the expense, it is a symbol of this approach to software, and some computer users have been heard to mutter, "What price mice?"
    Read rest of the review here.

    Very interesting

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    Awesome!! Many thanks iMav for this cool information..

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    As Tweak says what a find, it really takes you back to the struggles of the past and makes you realise just how far we've come since 1983 when you look at the size of the hard drives and RAM...and we used think they were fast then. And the price. Then if you think about men went to the moon and back with computers with less power and memory then the simpliest pocket calculator has now! Thanks for this post I really enjoyed it

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    Nice find.

    Its conclusion appearing on Page 3 :

    Microsoft Windows seems to offer remarkable openness, reconfigurability, and transportability as well as modest requirements and pricing. As a result, the desktop metaphor and mouse, intended to bring computing power to nontechincal people, are finally going to reach the hands of many such people. Barring a surprise product introduction from another company, Microsoft Windows will be the first large-scale test of the desktop metaphor in the hands of its intended users.

    It is natural to wonder whether Microsoft Windows ability to run in limited memory and off floppy disks will result in noticeable delays during execution. Even Lisa with its megabyte of memory and 68000 microprocessor frequently asks the user to wait. Is the ease of use worth the waiting? Will Microsoft Windows somehow ingeniously avoid the problems of these delays? The answers to these questions will shape the future of mass-market software.

    The various images of IBM PC compatible computers, including an Apple II with a PC emulator card, running Microsoft Windows. Obviously this was meant to imply and demonstrate that Windows, when released, would run on a variety of different hardware.

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    My first desktop was running dos, had a 10mhz processor that could run at 20mhz in "Turbo" mode and a 10GB hard drive.

    I thought it was all the computer I would ever need to run Lotus 123, Word Perfect, and Pong!

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    nice find imav.......really a inspirational type article for makes us really to feel the progress made by ever product developed in the history of computers....

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by seti
    As Tweak says what a find...
    Yes i didnt want to stop reading the article!! (I was sad when it ended)

    Its amazing what people thought about BEFORE WINDOWS EVER WAS INTRODUCED!!

    Thank you Imav for this gold article!

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    Thanks for the share. Really awesome find iMav... It took me back in flashlight!

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