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Thread: green eyed monster?

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    Question green eyed monster?

    It seems that google is playing up again according to an article in computerworld, it has joined in the attack against MS for including IE in windows, which being heard in the EU. What is interesting about this, is that this investigation, witch hunt, call it what you want, was started by Opera's founders joined in by Mozilla the firefox people, and now google who happen to have chrome. Seems to me like a group of bullies ganging together to attack the smart guy for being so good. Perhaps other search providers (including MS) should turn on google for being dominante in the search market!

    Full article title
    Google jumps into EU antitrust case against Microsoft

    and is at

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    How can Google complain about not having their browser in a windows OS they haven't been out long enough to be included. What about apple do their OS's contain all the browsers???

    Sounds to me like they are just spitting their dummies out of their prams. JR

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