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View Poll Results: Do you want toolbars added to programmes or not?

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Thread: Do you want toolbars added to programs?

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    seti is offline Member
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    Nov 2008

    Exclamation Do you want toolbars added to programs?

    Following on from the Foxit posts elswhere, I thought I'd look at what else came with the addition of a toolbar. I wa surprised at how many programmes that I have that actually try to include a toolbar with them. Why is this important to know?, because these are mainly unwanted programmes that take up space on your pc and are in many cases spyware! I would ask you all to check out Corrine's security garden and donna's securityflash for more information on these. In the meanwhile you may care to go and check this list of shame found here; Calendar Of Updates Calendar and if you know of any that aren't on this list let us know and please make your opinion felt in the poll

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    johnny.rotton's Avatar
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    South, UK


    Hate them with a passion. If they are going to add toolbars to programs they should be an opt in rather than opt out. I can not stand it when I download something then find a new toolbar in IE, as then I have to uninstall it.

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    As evidenced by the way I have the browser set up, I certainly don't need or want any toolbars. The image is long and I don't want to mess up the thread so will just post a link:

    Worse than the opt-out method being used by vendors to push their wares are the creeps who disguise the toolbar under the auspices of some sort of "security" tool. In my book, this method being used by security vendors makes them lower than scum. How can I trust a security vendor who lies about their software in order to achieve their pay-per-install? It is simple. I cannot.

    Worse yet is when those very same so-called security vendors such as those listed at Calendar Of Updates Calendar are using the IAC/Ask Toolbars.

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    HappyAndyK's Avatar
    HappyAndyK is offline Site Administrator
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    Jun 2008


    No, I do not like that.

    But some freeware publishers cant resist the temptation to include them as every install of the toolbar earns them some money. I believe a freeware should be totally free. If they want to earn a bit, well, they should choose to charge instead for the program. Why pretend to be free, and foist 3rd party toolbars and make money on the side?

    But lets admit one thing... has been realllllly aggressive; must say !

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    nitinagarwal1988's Avatar
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    Pilani, India


    these toolbars and links added in the program are really annoying and irritating......
    today most of the all popular freeware utilities includes them......but they don't think that they are of no use for the users......all find them uncomfortable but they just think to earn some bucks......
    on the one hand they say that they are providing a freeware not charging anything and on the other they are trying to earn money by including annoying advertisement and toolbars in their utility......which some how make user pay more in the sense of problems and uncomfortability....

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    whs's Avatar
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    Oct 2008


    When I see "toolbar" and no deselect, I cancel the installation. Who wants that junk.

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    Dude111 is offline Windows Enthusiast
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    Thumbs down

    TOOLBARS and disgusting and only slow things down!

    I dont have ANY on my browser!

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    mezanul's Avatar
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    Jan 2010


    I really hate toolbars. Toolbars not only reduces privacy but also comes in my way of normal browsing experience. If I don't find it optional with any program, I just cancel the installation.

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