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Thread: Microsoft Jobs Blog : Nine ways Microsoft recruiters find you

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    Cool Microsoft Jobs Blog : Nine ways Microsoft recruiters find you

    Prepping for your big Microsoft interview? Or just looking for good job search advice? Think of the Microsoft JobsBloggers -- real Microsoft recruiters -- as your friendly tour guides.

    Follow the Microsoft Jobs Blog for a behind-the-scenes look at our hiring process and careers, and check out our best tips and tricks for job hunting, resume writing, interviewing and working at Microsoft.

    Here are Nine ways Microsoft recruiters find you:

    1. Microsoft Corporate job sites: Microsoft recruiters look at every resume submitted through our Careers site, or if you are a college candidate, through our College Careers site. For international software development candidates, you can submit directly to the alias I provided in a previous post about international jobs.

    2. Social networking sites: LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and Jobster are all very popular. LinkedIn is one of my favorites in terms of finding candidates, both domestically and internationally, because it was designed as a tool for professionals to connect.

    3. Online job boards: I use CareerBuilder, Monster, Yahoo! Hotjobs, Indeed, Simply Hired, and MSN Careers by Career Builder, just to name a few. Some of these job boards have resume databases.

    4. Referrals: As much as I can, I reach out to my network. This can mean Microsoft employees, colleagues at other companies, candidates that recently joined Microsoft, professors or candidates that I have worked with in the past.

    5. Events and job fairs: These have always been popular with college candidates -- but we've been noticing record numbers of industry applicants at Seattle area job fairs recently.

    6. Online search engines: Live, Google and Yahoo: Yes, I use all three, and I really don't have a preference because they either give me the same exact results or, better for my purposes, very different results.

    7. Blogs and Tech Forums: Post your projects and publications on your blogs, tech forums, etc. We love the candidates who are active in the tech community.

    8. Alumni Groups: Join your computer science alumni group if your school has one.

    9. Tech-focused organizations/forums: These can be local .NET user groups, the regional IEEE groups or National Diversity organizations.

    Full read at Microsoft JobsBlog.

    Useful links:

    1. How to get a Job in Microsoft.
    2. There are several websites like Microsoft Careers, MicroSpotting, YouAtMicrosoft, etc that can help you.

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    I used to work for Microsoft AdCentre based in Liverpool, UK. it's not all good working for Microsoft let me tell you, lol.

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