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Thread: is there any sense ?

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    Lightbulb is there any sense ?

    My friend told me not long ago that he is using a Windows 7 build.. bla.. bla.. something.
    When i asked him why he is using system that it's not complete release.
    He told me that it's working way more better than vista.
    So i wanna ask you everyone who ever used both OS :
    1. Is it a true that Windows 7 is faster than Vista (x64) ?
    2. Is there any sense to install that pre-release version and use it as the main OS ?
    3. What about the compatibility issue - is it everything ok
    example: mozzila , chrome, nero, games for vista and office ?

    thanks in advance for all your replies, tips and hints.

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    It is a great OS with some performance improvements over Vista. It also has several new features. You can read more here:

    Frankly I would not install the beta unless you are knowledgeable about, and comfortable with, installing and reinstalling operating systems or running two OS's on the same machine. I would also not suggest installing it on your primary use computer or if you do not intend to upgrade when it is released.

    There really havent been a lot of compatibility issues and the last compatibility update solved all the issues I had.

    But you can read more about that here:

    Obviously this is all my own personal opinion.
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    Windows 7 is 'Vista improved'. All software which work on Vista will work on Win7. However it is not advisable to use a beta OS as a main OS, esp on work computers. I will start using Win7 as the main OS, only after its GA. But then, each one has his own preferences ...

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    Give it a try in a Virtual Partition. Works great and you do not run any risk at all. If you do not like it, all you have to do is to delete 2 folders. Of the choices, I recommend Virtual Box - especially if you have the W7 ISO sitting on your system. See here for more details: Takes less than an hour and you are in W7.
    PS: You should use the 32bit version. The 64bit does not work very well in VBox.
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    I would not say use it as your main OS, but give it a try out, while keeping your main as Vista. Yes there is an improvement in the 64 edition, well in Ultimate which I have. As I tried the first beta I can't say more than that,but I had no problems. Personally, and it is only personally I am waiting for the full release becaue I am very happy with Vista

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