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Thread: Manufactured PC's vs Built PC's

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    Default Manufactured PC's vs Built PC's

    I used to be torn between buying parts for a pc or buying the pc from lets say dell or hp. I have a Hp media Center, a Dell Pavillion, and a built pc.

    Price is always an issue and factory pc beat everything that repect and yes you can always upgrade parts when needed. The problem is voiding warranty.

    Let's say you want a big video card or you want to add several items to your empty slots. Factory pc's always come with the minimum power supplies, so to add to the pc would almost certainly mean buying a new power supply which in turn means good by warranty.

    Now buying the parts will cost more than the average pc that the factories sell. If you take your time,research, and buy everything on sale you can get pretty close to a factory price and come way better off and upgrade as needed without voiding your warranty. Each part is warrantied, so if one.

    What does it come down to is what you need. If all you do is use MS office and search the internet then all you is a factory computer, but if you game and or use video editing software then you will be more happy with a self built pc. The one thing I prefer the most though, is if a part breaks down then you just ship the part back, not the whole pc and some parts have life time warranty, not a one year or two warranty.

    In the end the choice is up to you.

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    This is a good point of view. BUT, not everybody has the skills to put a system together. And matching the parts is not an easy task either. You can easily end up with the wrong mobo or not enough cooling or a processor that runs too hot (although the new 45nm processors are pretty "cool"). The other day a guy with 2 graphics cards could not get enough air to the lower card. Those are things you only learn by experience - and that can cost a good penny too.

    Most people I know cannot even install an operating system, let alone getting a panel off a box. I usually have to rescue them from the simplest problem. That is just to say that there are few people that have the options you describe - although I bet it's fun to build your own system. Here is a 5 part step by step description how to do it (Building a New Computer - Part 1: Choosing Hardware :: the How-To Geek ).

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    When contemplating buy vs build, put a price tag on time because there will most likely be an inordinate amount of time getting all the parts working together correctly. Future maintenance time and driver update issues are also big consideration items.

    My opinion - unless you are gaming, it is not worth the while.

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    better way go to your local PC shop with what your requirements are get them to build it, and any problems are their's to sort out.

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