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Thread: What would happen if Microsoft Windows (Desktop, Server & Mobile) strike for a day?

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    Default What would happen if Microsoft Windows (Desktop, Server & Mobile) strike for a day?

    Think what would happen if Microsoft Windows (Desktop, Server & Mobile versions) strike for a day?

    Yea...i have figured out some things(!) if it happens

    Million Desktop PCs would stop working
    Million Mobile Devices would stop working
    Million websites would stop working last this world would go back to past.....

    What do you think?

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    My grand father was used to say that "If" is the Country of foolish people
    well, just kidding, it's only an italian idiomatic expression, I suppose you may understand what I mean

    However I suppose there would be a catastrophe: many hospitals would stop working, and how many atomic power station would be out of control?
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    hey guys dont think of this, its the time of recession, world economy is so down. if smething like this happens, the loss is not even countless....everything gonna stop working.....dude, leave rest, what we all do without windows, for a day? i think i'll gone mad, i use to spend more than 15 hours daily on my PC.....

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