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Thread: New UI for Windows 7 - Coming / Not Coming!?

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    Exclamation New UI for Windows 7 - Coming / Not Coming!?

    New UI for Windows 7 - Coming ?

    There are rumors, too, that a new UI is coming and it may make sense for Microsoft to hold on to that UI for the RTM builds, so that it has one last surprise to offer up to its eager fans. Indeed, the smartest thing Microsoft has done with Windows 7, in many ways, is keep the drama high by playing things close to the vest. That said, our first RTM-level build, build 7106, doesn't really offer anything in the way of revelation. (A newer build, 7107, has also leaked recently, and we can expect more to come in the days ahead.)

    New UI for Windows 7 - Not Coming!

    Paul Thurrott is right more often than he’s wrong (although he’s wrong more often than he’ll admit, like when he predicted just a few months ago that Windows 7 would “be finalized by April 2009 at the latest” - oops). But I’m willing to bet that this report is complete, unadulterated nonsense. Don’t fall for those rumors of a new Windows 7 UI | Ed Bott’s Windows Expertise |

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    Looks aint bad I mean win7 in its present state

    UI is just fine enough, more than UI what MS had to do and did was with the performance !! As after Vista there is a really poor rep with MS + OS

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    yeah, the new aero theme with various features and that super task bar, the libraries system all these new additions to the UI are smart enough, and looks cool.....

    W7 is much faster than vista, the performance is quite awesome as comparing to all previous version of windows.....

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