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Thread: Mac Threat Alert : Know anyone that's a Mac User?

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    I received the same message from PC Tools some days ago.
    I didn't wonder.
    Symantec also published a similar warning

    iBotnet: Researchers find signs of zombie Macs | Zero Day |

    Well.. Symantec bought PC Tools one year ago, I know.

    We shouldn't forget that one of the first virus was developed for MAC Systems

    Computer virus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    These letters seem suspicious to me... It really feels like this company wants Mac-users to buy their software
    I have installed firewall on my Mac long ago. I use NetMine, and it seems to be a good solution for me.
    Hopefully, it's not going to be so bad and Macs will remain safe

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    The more popular any OS becomes, the more it becomes an attractive target. Everyone wants a big bang for their bucks, after all. And thats the main reason Windows gets attacked more frequently.

    Until recently, the big target always was Microsoft Windows, and Apple computers were protected by "relative obscurity," he said.

    But blogs are buzzing this week about what two Symantec researchers have called the first harmful computer program to strike specifically at Mac. The program infects only computers whose users downloaded pirated versions of the Mac software iWork. OSNN.

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    the whole PC market is dependent on windows and due to it we all are here, i think nothing is good and best then windows.....
    and i can only say i one thing, that any mac or linux user will not be mine friend at anyhow.....

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