Ever wondered to Watch Youtube Videos on your PSP? If yes then here is a Tutorial to learn how to watch Youtube Videos on your PSP. All you have to do is download the video you want, and convert it into MP4 format and transfer it into your PSP.

How to Download Videos form YouTube?
There are many Websites that lets you Download Videos from YouTube. Some are as Follows:

1. Techcrunch.com
2. Downloadyoutubevideos.com

Once, you have downloaded the Video, Now You have to Do is Convert the Downloaded Video in MP4. (As it was in FLV Format & your PSP Accepts only MP4 Format).

There’s many software out there that can convert FLV videos into MP4 format that you can use but there is one software that is free to download and is easy to use. Well i have Found a Free Software called as SUPER.

You can Download this Software from Here

More information about “SUPER” video Convertor here
Once you did successful convertion, open your psp folder, then copy paste the converted video into the VIDEO folder inside your psp. After copy pasting, you can now watch the video under the video menu on your psp.

Source: Tweaking Windows