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Thread: Are you going touchscreen in October?

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    Cool Are you going touchscreen in October?

    Windows 7 is coming out and one of the most exciting features it is bringing is ''TOUCH''.

    Some of the things you can do according to techradar is :-

    In Internet Explorer 8, you can move backwards and forwards through the page history just by swiping the screen. Pinch zooming is fast too.

    Then there's Windows Live Photo Gallery, which has gesture support for rotating and zooming images. Cropping an area just makes sense when you do it with your fingertips.

    Collage, a photo manipulation tool that gives you complete control over the placement, rotation and scale of a set of images, has been repeatedly shown in Surface demos and translates well to the small screen.

    Surface Globe, meanwhile, is a completely gesture controlled version of Microsoft Earth. As well as being able to control the camera angle and zoom as you spin your way from location to location, it pulls in relevant information from the web to highlight points of interest.

    Steve Ballmer showed a vision of the future where our documents and images are populated with layered information pulled from websites, email databases, IM messages and academic resources, all made relevant by search algorithms.

    I also saw a piano being played by using your fingers over the touchscreen!

    So are you going touchscreen?

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    No way, I will stick with my HP 19" monitor.

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    Personally I'd love to do so. It will depend upon pirce naturally enough

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