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Thread: Twitter & Online Music Purchasing

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    Default Twitter & Online Music Purchasing

    Report finds Twitter users more likely to buy music online

    A new report from the NPD Group found that active users of Twitter are more likely to purchase online music than download it illegally.
    The report found that 12 percent of those who have used Twitter in the past three months purchased downloadable music, whilst active Twitter users purchased 77 percent more digital music downloads than no-Twitter users.
    More: Report finds Twitter users more likely to buy music online - Digital Journal: Your News Network

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    Somehow I reall cant see the co-relation, I mean between a regular twitter being more likely to buy music online ...

    I hardly tweet ...

    Incidentally the report says :"consumer awareness of Twitter rose by almost 22 percent from last year, now reaching 52 percent of all those using the Internet in the US". Thats something!

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    This is another thing that is being targeted by advertisers, so it doesn't suprise me at all. But what happend to the old fashioned way of going out learning your trade and then getting successful?

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