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Thread: Bing Comes To Hotmail

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    Default Bing Comes To Hotmail

    Microsoft has upgraded its Quick Add feature in Hotmail. The new features let users search for and insert maps, movie listings and times, in addition to the restaurants, videos, images and business listings that were there before. And all of these have been upgraded with Bing functionality via the API.

    Hotmail is still by far the largest web mail provider on the Internet, with 343 million monthly users according to Comscore. Second and third are Yahoo (285 million) and Gmail (146 million). A year ago Hotmail had just 273 million users, so it is still growing rapidly.

    Bing Comes To Hotmail

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    I must admit that I had not noticed this, so thanks for pointing it out.
    Could it be that the reason why Hotmail, or live mail is so far in advance is that it is by far the best email application around, personally I think it its.

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    This was available for US accounts during its "Live" days as well! :|

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