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Thread: Reviews of Operating Systems

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    Post Reviews of Operating Systems

    Came across this website Operating System Reviews (History, Facts, Versions and Screenshots) . It has some nice info about the history 7 reviews of various operating systems and historical facts. Looks to be a dated maybe ... couldnt see info on Windows 7.

    Also more on Operating systems: Operating system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    List of operating systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I looked at this site, the first one and it was last updated in June, if I got the dates right as they were in the way that the USA use them which is very confusing.

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    Thank you HappyAndyK
    it looks interesting.
    I noticed this page OS/2 Operating System and I remembered when I started to use IBM OS2/ Warp in dual boot with MS DOS and Windows 3.0
    OS 2 Warp looked horrible in comparison with MS DOS and Windows 3.0:-)

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