WordPress though is a good platform for starting a new blog but it limits its user to avail facilities like using JavaScript and Ad sense, which are only available to premium blogger.

Have you ever wanted to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger? But didn't find how to do that, and left the idea there

But now you can successfully transfer all your posts and comment from your WordPress blog to Blogger blog in just 3 simple steps.

  • Go to your WordPress account > Dashboard > Tools (Left hand side sidebar at bottom) > Export > Now click on Download Export File button. Save the downloaded file at desktop or any other location.
  • Now go to WordPress2Blogger site > Click on Choose file button > Browse to that saved document and click Convert. Now save the converted file at your local machine.
  • Open your Blogger Blog where you want to move all posts > Dashboard > Settings > Blog Tools > Click on Import blog and browse to the location of converted file and import it.

Similarly for those who want to move from Blogger to Wordpress

  • Just sing in to blogger whose posts and comment you want to move to Wordpress.
  • Now go to your WordPress account where you want to move all posts > Dashboard > Tools (Left hand side sidebar at bottom) > Import > Click on Blogger > Click on Authorize button > Click on Grant Access button > Now you will be able to see you blogger blog url and title name just click the Import button and you are done!

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Now heere is a Software utility that can transfer any type of blog either wordpress, blogger, livejournal to any other type. Download Blog2Blog ( updated March 9, 2009) This utility is provided to you via Linux Lore read complete Blog2Blog manual here