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Thread: How to Download FREE MP3 Songs legally

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    Arrow How to Download FREE MP3 Songs legally

    I think all of you are aware about Youtube (video sharing site), If any songs or clips is on Youtube then you have a chance to get those songs as MP3 for FREE. All you have to do is just follow the below steps:

    1. Go to Youtube and select any video or song. (ex. Vande Mataram – Lata Mangeshkar)

    2. Now select the URL of any song on Youtube and Paste the link at Video2MP3 converter.

    3. There select “High Quality” and click on convert.

    Source: Download FREE MP3 Songs [How to] | Tweaking Windows

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    What about downloading those video directly in high quality here is the fastest way to do that

    View a video on YouTube.
    In the URL location box, type pwn in front of youtube, and enter.

    Works for any country or subdomain. For example:
    Get links to download the video. ( no software, no copy/paste! )
    so got it how easy it is no problem of copy paste just add the keywordPWN after www. and hit enter.

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    Here I too posted about How to download from youtube
    Unlock Windows: How to download from

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    Many songs are uploaded on youtube without permission of performers so im aint sure if that's truly legal :P

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    Agalloch, you are correct this is in fact an illegal way of getting MP3's there are other ways of downloading music for example Free Music, Listen to Music Free. or

    These site's let you download for free with advertising but you have the choice to purchase.
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    here are more online sources for downloading free mp3 without any issue.
    from a while I'm using these sites for the search of any mp3 song, even the oldest song is found here.

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    Do you want to download FREE MP3 Songs legally? If you want to free download songs from Apple Music and Spotify, what you need is a third-party Apple Music Converter and Spotify Music Converter.

    I have ever use UkeySoft Apple Music Converter and UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter, both allows users free download songs as MP3.

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