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Thread: Featured Experiments - Look what CHROME can do

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    Default Featured Experiments - Look what CHROME can do

    Google sometimes before launched a website for the purpose of experimenting its new browser Chrome for innovative uses of web browsers and JavaScript. Till today they have got 50 and plus great work in javascript and other. They quoted in their official blog that-

    When we launched Chrome Experiments in March, we wanted to create a showcase for innovative uses of web browsers and JavaScript. It was also our hope that artists and programmers from around the world would be inspired to submit their own experiments. Today, we're excited to announce that Chrome Experiments -- which started out as nineteen experiments at launch -- now points to fifty very impressive JavaScript experiments.

    Some of these experiments are really cool I surf their blog for a while and found all the following works interesting, taught sharing with you

    Wavy Scrollbars

    Browser Ball



    Visit chromeexperiments for more

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    Interesting website. Thanks.

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    Heard about it sometime back, but never checked. Thanks for reminding

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