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Thread: Top 10 Microsoft Moments

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    Post Top 10 Microsoft Moments

    Top 10 Microsoft Moments - Full List

    The Making of Microsoft
    Bill Gates Founds the Company
    Going Public
    Microsoft Office Released
    Earth to Microsoft, the Internet is Good
    Saying Goodbye to Bob
    "Do Not Pass Go"
    Windows XP Debuts
    A Jump Into Crowded Waters With the Xbox
    Vista Launched, Crashes Soon Thereafter
    Seinfeld Misfire

    Interesting read at Full List - Top 10 Microsoft Moments - TIME

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    I am really suprised that the launch of Windows 95 did not get a mention. In many people's opinion it was the start of the home pc market and introduced millions of people to possibilities of the pc. IN FACT I WOULD PLACE IT AS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THAT HAS HAPPEND NOT JUST TO MICROSOFT BUT TO THE WHOLE WORLD, IN TERMS OF TECHNOLOGY IN THE LAST 30 YEARS

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    yeah even i feel win 95 shud have been included

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    Thank you HappyAndyk,
    I'm sure Win Seven launch will make History even if still not listed of course

    I have to add that I'm with seti and Sreekant in relationship with Win95

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