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Thread: Article: Uncouth Facebook postings closing doors for job candidates

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    Default Article: Uncouth Facebook postings closing doors for job candidates

    I brought this up during a recent training session just as an interesting tidbit and I was bombarded by "but that is a invasion of privacy" comments. My comment back was, "if it is private why do you post it on the internet for the world to see?"

    Here is the article:

    More employers than ever are researching job candidates on sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter in order to find out more about their activities and character. And, it turns out, many candidates are doing a great job of showing their potential bosses poor communication skills, inappropriate pictures, and even how many workplace secrets they can leak.

    Some of us had the luck of doing stupid things online before most employers knew what social networking was. (I'll admit it: in my early working days, I said some not-nice things online about some of the people I worked with.) These days, however, those looking for jobs have had many years to build up an unsavory history across the Internet, and employers now know how to do their homework. In fact, nearly half of the employers in the US now search for job candidates on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, according to survey results from CareerBuilder. The job-finding firm said that the numbers reflect a twofold increase over those who reported doing so in last year—45 percent in 2009 versus 22 percent in 2008—and cautioned that many employers choose not to hire based on information they find online.

    Facebook was the most popular site for researching job candidates this year—no surprise there, since Facebook has exploded in popularity as of late. "Professional" networking site LinkedIn came in second at 26 percent, MySpace came in third at 21 percent, 11 percent read blogs, and seven percent followed candidates' updates on Twitter. Paranoid yet about any of your recent tweets?

    Read More Here: Uncouth Facebook postings closing doors for job candidates - Ars Technica

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    Quote Originally Posted by roraniel View Post
    "if it is private why do you post it on the internet for the world to see?"
    I agree, one has to be very careful of what one share's on the social networking sites. There's no going back.

    Nice read, btw.

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    I think this was wide reported by the BBC a while back. People forget just how much they are looked into when applying for jobs, particularly nowdays when there are so many candidates for each job. I never use facebook or such things, but I do have a website and use live applications, so I am careful what I write. It is far too easy to get carried away with things, so we all need to be careful. Thanks for bring this to the attention of everyone here.

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