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Thread: Make your blog interactive with Wibiya

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    Default Make your blog interactive with Wibiya

    Before starting lets know What Wibiya is?

    Wibiya enables blogs to integrate the most exciting services, applications and widgets of their choice into their blog through customized web-based toolbars. Our platform offers a one-stop solution for integrating, managing and tracking third-party applications.

    Currently we offer a fixed set of tools such as creating a blog community via facebook connect,
    enabling twitter alerts on your blog and enabling post navigation but there is a lot to wait for as we will be adding more and more application through time.

    I didn't understand
    Ok in simple words wibiya is a bottom bar which remains in your blog/website.

    The bar is a semi-transparent overlay on your site which is home to a number of application or buttons. You can choose which buttons you want to use. Most are for your readers to find or share contents of your site easier or connect your readers with each other or you as the author. -
    Following applications you can customize/add in wibiya

    • Blog search
    • Translate current page with Google Translater
    • Recent posts
    • Random post
    • Games
    • Subscribe to RSS
    • Share with Social bookmarking sites
    • Facebook Connect
    • Twitter console

    You can switch on of these applications according to your needs.

    Get Wibiya for your site
    Watch it in action

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    i have the code for the website , how beneficial it is .. and where did ya copy the code on the website is it in footer.php ??

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