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Thread: Funny Chatting..Me and a Girl

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    Arrow Funny Chatting..

    Hello Friends, I am sharing my chat conversatation with a Girl, I am Sure you all will like it. By the Way I am posting it for entertainment purpose, no other mean.

    Rajesh: hello
    Slyvia: hi
    Rajesh: how r u? r u from india
    Slyvia: ya
    Rajesh: great, where?
    Slyvia: calcutta
    Rajesh: ok, i am from varanasi

    i didnt think the avatar you r using in your profile is yours
    Slyvia: wat u think ur problem, n y r u telling me. i wont justify myself
    Rajesh : hey dont get angry

    you have sent me a friend request, so i was just asking, i never mean to disturb you
    Slyvia: wat the heck...

    wat made u think so?
    Rajesh: what heck..? you want to hack my pc, plz dont do. i feer of you plz be like friend no hacking my computer. so want to be friends


    Slyvia: k
    Rajesh: whats your real name?
    Slyvia: man dont annoy me like this
    Rajesh: ok galti ho gaye jo naam pucha. u know hindi
    Slyvia: yup
    Rajesh: great, aab hum dost hai na?
    Slyvia: teeek ask stupid question ok
    Rajesh: ok dinner par kab bula rahi ho?
    Slyvia: ??
    Rajesh: apne ghar par
    Slyvia: come to bhutan 1st
    Rajesh: kyun
    Slyvia: im living there
    Rajesh: yaar tum to calcutta mein rehti ho, phir bhutan kyun bula rahi ho?
    v rite now in bhutan
    Rajesh: ok, do u have any bf?
    Slyvia: no
    Rajesh: sabhi yahi bolti hai...hmm, ok feel i am your bf. no need of any bf now

    Slyvia: lol, ok send me a gift then
    Rajesh: aare lol kyun bola, lol bolna aachi baat nahi. aur haan kya yaar tum sabhi ki tarah gift maang rahi ho

    meine gift mein tumhe apna heart hi nikaal ke de diya, kal tak currier se pahuch jayega
    Slyvia: ok
    Rajesh: mein tumhe bahut chahata hu
    Slyvia: shut up
    Rajesh: kya karu shut up? mein to kuch bol bhi nahi raha, type kar raha hu na.

    I am serious

    i just drink dew, so no bakwaas, only serious talk. clear hai?
    Slyvia: k
    Rajesh: shadi karogi? meri photo dekh lo yaar

    agar pasand hu to bolo
    Slyvia: dont want to marry now
    Rajesh: phir kab? jab bhudi ho jaoji tab?
    Slyvia: yes
    Rajesh:tab tak mein kaise w8 karunga?
    Slyvia: dont w8

    find sum1 else
    Rajesh: no, i only want u

    bcoz i love u

    aare kahan bhag gayi, shayari to sun lo

    aare ??
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    Must be entertaining - if you know Hindi, that is.

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    The funniest conversation I have ever read !

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    Rahul, you are so fast... पहले चान्स में इतना ?

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