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Thread: Learn what your browsing history reveals

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    Exclamation Learn what your browsing history reveals

    If you're like every other ordinary Internet user, you browse the Web incessantly every day and/or night, visiting dozens of websites and blogs each day. When you open up a page you probably expect to get the information you're interested in and then close the browser window or tab, without leaving more than a trace of that fact in the server log. After all, you're not typing in your personal information on just about any website, so why would it know anything about you?

    Little do you know, but virtually any website you point your browser to has the ability to look inside your Web browser's history and detemine which websites you visited, allowing it to not only figure out your browsing habits, but also discover your personal preferences. This potentially includes such data as your search engine queries, the location of your and your friends' Facebook or Twitter profiles, your political affiliation, some information about your medical history and other sensitive and private data. The data could also, with a bit of luck, reveal your real name and location. At the very least, it will provide some information about the news websites you frequent and the on-line stores and products you're interested in.

    Check out What The Internet Knows About You.

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    nice share sir.........that website is really good, showed all my browsed history....for more saftey use IE8 inprivate browsing

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    I have my browsers set not to keep history which seems to work as the site said that I did not have any. I think that it is important for security and other reasons to have your history deleted every time you close your browsers, particularly if you have done banking. If everyone here visits this site, I think they will be surprised at what they find, so thank you for posting this.

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    I tried.... but it didn't give me all the history available for IE 8, listed only 5 when over 10+ were available

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