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Thread: I've found something really pitiable - Windows 7 Sins

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    Unhappy I've found something really pitiable - Windows 7 Sins

    A website is misleading the world about Microsoft Windows 7.

    They name their movement "Windows 7 Sins: The case against Microsoft and proprietary software"

    Check out there stupid point of views , what they are saying is really like a dumb.....

    If someone find a way to reply and stop them, then just share that. We have to stop such stupid insane peoples from misleading the world.

    Check their website.

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    I have a felling they are going to get into trouble making logo's with Microsoft trademarked icons and asking people to post them on their websites and blogs.

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    Yeah, I've been reading about it for some time now...

    The world just LOVES to HATE Microsoft

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    Really stupid, what more can I say than that.

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    This merely leads back to the controversy regarding patenting software. Open Source advocates are against patenting software generally saying that it stifles innovation. I don't have any idea what the Microsoft's research budget is, although I expect that info is available online. If the results of that research are not protected by patent, what is to prevent anyone else from using it, but without the supporting Microsoft infrastructure?

    As to stopping them? Best thing is not give them any additional publicity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roraniel View Post
    I have a felling they are going to get into trouble making logo's with Microsoft trademarked icons and asking people to post them on their websites and blogs.
    Lol .......they'll soon goona be in trouble

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    The Open Source fan boys are at it again. Just because the majority of the world uses Windows and not Open Source software gives you no reason to shove it in people’s faces.

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    this is shameful and just a matter of opinions.
    ...someone love as I'm

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    Quote: Stephen Fry

    Computers I've loved them since I've been able to afford to have my own
    back in the beginning of the modern computer era, the 1980s.

    And I've owned a large number of different kinds of computer
    and I've expressed, publicly, loyalty to this kind or that kind.

    But recently my mind has turned, as many people's have,
    to this whole business of Free Software.

    There is a lot of confusion about what this means and I'd like to help clear it up
    because this happens to be a year of celebration, and I want to help us all celebrate it

    and to look forward to the future of Free Software.
    If you have plumbing in your house it may be that you don't understand it,
    but you may have a friend that does and they may suggest you move a pipe here,
    a stopcock there, or a valve somewhere else.

    And you're not breaking the law by doing that, are you?
    Because it's your house and you own the plumbing.

    You can't do that with your computer. You can't actually fiddle with your operating system,
    and you certainly can't share any ideas you have about your operating system with other people

    because Apple and Microsoft, who run the two most popular operating systems
    are very firm about that fact that they own that and no one else can have anything to do with it.

    Now this may seem natural to you: "Why shouldn't they?"
    But actually, Why can't you do what you like?
    And why can't the community alter, improve, and share?

    That's how science works, after all...

    All knowledge is free, and all knowledge is shared in good science.
    If it isn't -- it's bad science and it's a kind of tyranny.

    And this is, really, where it all started a man called Richard Stallman
    decided 25 years ago, almost to this very day, to
    write a whole new operating system from the ground up.

    He called this system GNU which stands for "GNU is Not Unix"
    because it isn't Unix, it is similar to Unix in many ways,
    but every element of it, every module, every little section of the code
    (and it's a gigantic code because it's to run on many platforms)
    is run by the community, run by coders "out there"
    who are welcomed in to the GNU community, to help improve the software.
    Every "distro", as they are called, every distribution of GNU
    is tested, worked upon, and refined
    by people whose only interest is creating the perfect operating system
    that can be used across the spectrum of platforms and by as many users as possible.

    Now, there came a time when the kernel, which is the central part of an operating system,
    needed to be written.
    And a man called Linus Torvalds, of whom you may have heard,
    wrote the kernel and it was named after his name,
    Linux (line-ucks) or Linux (Lin-ucks) as some people pronounce it.
    And Linux is the kernel that runs within GNU
    and I'm here simply to remind you that GNU and Linux are the twin pillars
    of the Free Software community, people who believe, and this is the important part,
    that software should be Free, that the community of users should be allowed to adapt it,
    adopt it, change it, to improve it, and to spread those improvements around,
    like science.

    That's basically what it is saying.
    In the same way that good scientists share everything and all knowledge is open and free
    so it should be with an operating system.So, if you're a supporter of GNU,
    if you're a support of Linux, and the Free Software Foundation,
    you are probably wondering "Well what can I do?"

    The most obvious thing you can do is use a GNU/Linux operating system
    on your own computer. It's much easier than you might think.

    Go to the website "" and see if you can find an operating system
    that suits you. Probably, if you like a good graphical user-interface,
    something like g-New-Sense, gNewSense

    You'll see it there on Or, if you're a really smart cookie,
    you might want to do your own coding.

    You might want to contribute to the sum of knowledge that makes GNU and Linux what they are.

    ::: I like windows and Microsoft but this does make some sense:::
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    "We should always forgive our enemies. Nothing annoys them more" (Oscar Wilde - free translation powered by google, sorry)

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