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Thread: Password Chart Website

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    Question Password Chart Website

    Came across this. Not tried it.

    Password Chart

    "Why should I use this?
    Picking and remembering strong passwords is a pain. It's easier to convert an easy to remember one. It works anywhere on any computer. It also works offline if you print out the chart. Its free, easy and secure. Everything is done in your browser -- no passwords are sent over the Internet."

    Comments? Observations?

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    It converts things into numbers which I find more difficult to remember. I can not see much advantage of this, but I can see the idea behind this.

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    The advantage is that you use the web page to create the password, making it a lot harder to hack using brute force and / or dictionary algorithms, and yet at the same time will always know what the password is using either the online version or else a printed version of the chart that you created.

    For example, I made a simple chart using
    as the create phrase and
    Windows 7
    as the password itself. The result is pretty lengthy and not nearly as easily decrypted as
    Windows 7
    would be.

    Picasa Web Albums - johnlgalt - Password Chart Example

    Not the inclusion of symbols and numbers - it makes it a lot harder to decrypt using standard attacks.

    Picasa Web Albums - johnlgalt - Password Chart Comparison to KeePass

    As you can see, the KeePass UI says this is a PW of relatively moderate strength, based upon the length and characters used, and that it is at ~83 bits cipher strength.

    As you can probably guess, I prefer to use KeePass - specifically, the .NET based ver 2.x (currently 2.08, dubbed as alpha but stable as stable can be, since I use it daily and it never fails me). It is Free, OS, and 100% portable (I use it with my Portable Apps UFD and synchronize the databases, currently containing well over 300 PWs and reg keys and notes and information....

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    It just simply confuses the hell out of me.
    At the least, it more complicates the creation and then remembering of passwords.
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