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Thread: Nortons point of view - The Truth About Freeware

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    Exclamation Nortons point of view - The Truth About Freeware

    Watch the video. Its what Norton thinks about freeware antivirus programs!

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    What do you think?

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    Norton is running scared. Microsoft Security Essentials is scheduled to be released soon and has received excellent reviews. Freeware software Avira AntiVir, in particular, and avast! get great results. Besides, they used the silliest of examples. Anyone can see through their poor Apple copy-cat production.

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    What did bob Dylan start, back in the 60's! Sorry off topic. Have to agree with Corrine's points Norton are running scared at the moment, and I wonder if they are offering bonus payments to sales people because recently I've had two try to sell me their products.

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    I think Symantec should spend their money to improve their programs.
    Moreover that Video does not tell the truth: Symantec do not provide free support, if Norton Antivirus is not able to remove a threat they ask you to pay 99.00 Euro for their "free" support.. and what about ask toolbar bundled in NAV and NIS?

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    The thought is meaningful and its TRUTH, but Norton products s**ks really.
    I assume, if a Norton AV is installed on PC, then there is no Virus or worm on the planet, which can affect that PC more than Norton AV.

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