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Thread: A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay

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    Talking A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay

    The official release of Windows 7 is only a few weeks away, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably asking yourself what effect this will have on your lives. Will the gates of Heaven open up and a consort of large breasted angels descend to guide you into computing heaven? Or will it be more of a low key affair, maybe involving the cast of Friends and a degrading video?

    So I decided to apply my powerful brain to the problem, and find out what Windows 7 would mean for you, the average user. With only pre-release versions and betas available for download, to get a copy of the actual release version, I had to turn to eBay, where leaked copies have shown up recently. $150 and two days later, a package of bubble wrapped, technological delights arrived on my doorstep. I giddily tore open the packaging to reveal the contents.
    See the complete article on A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows 7 I Bought On eBay

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    Funny :-)

    It just reminds me when I installed Win 95 beta in 1994.
    16 bit and without Internet Explorer

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    The story could be A Review of the Pirated Copy of Windows but not genuine Windows.

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    Nostalgic ~ Enjoyed reading it, worthy of my time.

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