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Thread: Question microsoft employees

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    Wink Question microsoft employees

    Interesting stuff from istartedsomething....
    If you don’t already spend countless hours of the day browsing Reddit, it’s never too late to start. What I think sets Reddit apart from other similar communities is the discussion-only sections. More recently, a new section dubbed “IAmA” – short for “I am a…ask me anything” – has taken off by storm by allowing interesting and sometimes notable people (under the cover of anonymity if they wish) to answer random questions from complete strangers.

    As dubious as this may sound, it actually works quite well and have since brought under the spotlight award-winning musicians, hackers, descendants of Nazis, 9/11 firefighters, lottery millionaires and of course, the most interesting of them all, Microsoft developers.

    So far, three anonymous Microsofties have already stepped forward to answer several hundred questions in total. One worked on Windows Vista and Windows 7 (and will also be working on Windows 8), another is a 10-year Office veteran, and the latest is a junior Windows developer who wrote two lines of code that shipped in Windows 7.
    Check out the entire article

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    Nice read...!
    Truely appealing.

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