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Thread: How to install WordPress on localhost ?

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    Default How to install WordPress on localhost ?

    This week I am sharing a way to install wp on localhost . By install wp on localhost you can easily try plug ins , theme & other stuff on your localhost wp before installing them on own blog site . In wp this is so boring to upload software & activate it .(in old wp ver this method is used but not in 2.8. this is not required )


    * Wordpress :-click here to download
    * Xampp:- click here to download

    1:- Start installation Select path & click on install

    2:-After extraction this screen automatically appear . Type y & press enter

    3:- For next3 steps press y & enter

    4:- Type 1 & press enter

    5:- This screen will appear click on box for apache & Mysql

    6:- After that type https://localhost/phpmyadmin & this screen will be appear there u can see create db type u r db name & click on create

    8:- You have download wp setup then extract it on Drive/xampp/htdocs . After that this screen will appear type db name as u choose while making it type password nothing & user name as “root ” & press submit

    9 :- After that wp setup will create random password for site . enjoy u r wp site & try anything


    * This are latest versions of wp & xampp which I have used
    * Before installing Xampp disable IIS sevice OR you can leave IIS as it is but then do not install appache server in step 5
    * By this method you can setup own word press web host . I have tried this on my old PC . but u required to forward ip by using setting in dsl modem .
    * Instead of wp u can also try other software like joomla or any other
    * Instead of localhost u can access u r site by cPanel
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