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Thread: Firefox: Safari is not an ideal browser for Windows

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    Default Firefox: Safari is not an ideal browser for Windows

    Hey guys read this --

    Microsoft's Windows browser ballot in Europe presents its options in alphabetical order, putting Apple's Safari as the first choice for users to install.

    The design caught the ire of Jenny Boriss, a Firefox designer, who believes that the layout gives an unfair advantage to Safari over competing browsers.

    Boriss said that Safari is not an "ideal" browser for Windows, as Apple puts more focus on software for its own Mac OS X platform than it does for Windows. She said that Safari is the least likely to be the browser Windows users want. She offered a number of alternatives, including random order of the top five browsers, or probability ordering by percentage market share.

    LOL, now the other browsers have started fighting for the spoils

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    How pathetic don't people have other things to do. Who cares what the order is? And isn't it a bit insulting to think that people will not read the whole list.

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    IE 8 keeps crashing my copy of Windows 7, So Id like to ay that:

    UE 8 is not an ideal browser for Windows. (lol)

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    @Seti -- people not reading is why so many vendors include pre-checked add-on installations.

    @BogMan -- IE8 has never crashed on my system. Have you installed all updates? Did you allow error reporting? It could also be a problematic add-on. Did you try IE8 without add-ons? Click Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools-> Internet Explorer (no Add-ons).

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    I use 5 different browsers and like IE8 the best (never had any problems) and FF the least (to the point that I uninstalled it). But Safari is not that bad. It has some cute features.

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    I am one of the few who use Maxthon (IE based) as my primary browser.

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