There were cases that iPhones were not syncing with Windows 7 namely the new P55 motherboards.There was nothing the users wit these boards could do to fix and be able 2 sync their iPhones with Windows 7.Gigabyte Technology issued a BIOS update on Friday that fixes a problem for some Windows 7 users who have been unable to sync their iPhones.Intel, Microsoft and Apple said they were investigating the issue, which people are complaining about on an Apple forum. The problem seems to be mainly affecting Windows 7 64-bit users with Intel P55 chipsets, and it prevents them from syncing their iPhones with their computers.

A few people posted on the forum that they’d downloaded the new BIOS from Gigabyte, a motherboard maker, and it solved the problem. In the description of the update, Gigabyte calls it a Beta BIOS and says that it fixes theiPhone sync issue, among other enhancements.Those with Gigabyte boards would be happy with this update.Others with ASUS and rest of them would sadly have to wait.Though an Apple employee asked people on the forum to send details of the issue, it does not appear to have posted further information about the fix yet.