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Thread: Water on the Moon, will it mean a moon base with benefits for this earth

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    Default Water on the Moon, will it mean a moon base with benefits for this earth

    Forgive Admins if this is in the wrong place. I have been reading about the recent slamming of things into the moon and the result being that they have found water as a result. This led me into thinking about having read about the technology that could be developed, along with drugs etc in space. These included super-conductors, and anti cancer drugs which need a purer atmosphere than is practical here on earth(or somehting like that). So I was wondering, what might come from it? I have know idea personally, but I would like to see something that would end the carbon dependancy that we have.

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    In the long term there should be benefits for Earth. Presence of sufficient quantity of water on the Moon would make habitats there more feasible, but surely this water would still have to be recycled and reused. And continuous human presence would lead to creation of types of labs and facilities on the Moon that may take advantage of access to bigger sterile vacuum environments and satellite's low gravity. But all that is quite a remote future, in my view.

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