1. Max New York Life – Train Ad

I really liked this Ad one reason could be I share a somewhat same situation like that boy in this Ad. Comments like ‘koi kuch khaane ko de to lena mat’ (Don’t eat anything offered by a stranger), ‘har kisi se baat mat karna’ (no need to talk with strangers) & ‘aur woh Gande underwear alag rakhna’ (Keep your dirty Underwear separate). These are all those punch line which almost every Indian listens from his concerned parents.

This Ad shows the dilemma of a Bechara boy stuck with his parents advices and a beautiful girl who shares the train compartment with him.

2. Virgin Mobile
3. Virgin Mobile – Girl Fooling her parents
4. Kolkata Knigh Riders Superb Ad
5. Vodafone India – Every Day I want to fly
6. Fevicol Rajasthani AD
7. amul macho – orangutan
8. Surf Excel – Daag Ache Hai

Some Sensational Ads too Must see (proud to be Indian)
9. Max new york life Pension plans

10. Times Of India Tree ad
11. Respect the National Anthem
12. Bharti Airtel…Proud to Be Indian..very inspiring

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Do you have any favorite?