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Thread: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Face to Face

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    Default Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Face to Face

    Well this is an old interview recorded in the year 2007, but may be, like me if you don’t know about it than watch the video below or read the Transcript below to know the most interesting interview ever of the Two Major IT Giants (Face to Face).

    Following is Excerpts of transcript of the interview Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg conducted with Microsoft
    Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the D5 conference on May 30, 2007.

    Kara: So let’s get started. I wanted to ask, there’s been a lot of mano-a-mano/catfight kind of thing in a lot of
    the blogs and the press and stuff like that, and we wanted to–the first question I was interested in asking is
    what you think each has contributed to the computer and technology industry, starting with you, Steve, for
    Bill, and vice versa.
    Steve: Well, you know, Bill built the first software company in the industry and I think he built the first
    software company before anybody really in our industry knew what a software company was, except for these
    guys. And that was huge. That was really huge. And the business model that they ended up pursuing turned
    out to be the one that worked really well, you know, for the industry. I think the biggest thing was, Bill was
    really focused on software before almost anybody else had a clue that it was really the software.

    Walt: Bill, how about the contribution of Steve and Apple?
    Bill: Well, first, I want to clarify: I’m not Fake Steve Jobs.
    What Steve’s done is quite phenomenal, and if you look back to 1977, that Apple II computer, the idea that it
    would be a mass-market machine, you know, the bet that was made there by Apple uniquely–there were
    other people with products, but the idea that this could be an incredible empowering phenomenon, Apple
    pursued that dream.
    Then one of the most fun things we did was the Macintosh and that was so risky. People may not remember
    that Apple really bet the company. Lisa hadn’t done that well, and some people were saying that general
    approach wasn’t good, but the team that Steve built even within the company to pursue that, even some days
    it felt a little ahead of its time–I don’t know if you remember that Twiggy disk drive and…

    Walt: You want a computer you can write your own programs on. And obviously, people still do.
    Steve: We had some very strange ads back then. We had one where it was in a kitchen and there was a
    woman that looked like the wife and she was typing in recipes on the computer with the husband looking on
    approvingly in the back. Stuff like that.
    Read Complete Transcript of the interview here

    Or you can watch the interview-


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    ^Thanks Ritesh for posting it here !!.....I've watched this video a year ago.......

    Check out all Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together videos.

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