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Thread: The hard disk that survived six months in the sea

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    Default The hard disk that survived six months in the sea

    A data recovery firm claims to have recovered gigabytes of data from a hard disk that spent six months on the seabed.

    The hard disk was fitted in the navigation system of a ship that was involved in an accident at sea. "An investigation ensued and the ship's drive, which spent six months on the seabed 200 feet underwater, was recovered," according to a spokesperson for Kroll Ontrack, the firm that helped recover data from the drive.

    Ontrack's data recovery specialists advised the investigators to send them the hard disk in a large, sealed bag that contained seawater from the scene of the accident. "By keeping the drive in the same environment as it had been in under water, the drive was prevented from developing salt deposits or further degrading," the spokesman told PC Pro.

    "Our engineers were able to safely take the drive apart without damaging the drive further, and after several hours of work in the cleanroom, engineers were able to image 99% of the data area as part of the recovery process."

    More here The hard disk that survived six months in the sea | Security | News | PC Pro

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    The event is going to get some great publicity for Ontrack

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    Interesting read...Recovery engineers are much smarter now than earlier.

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    It is amazing to me just how durable hard disks are now, thank goodness because so many evil persons are caught out by what is on the disk that they they thought they had wiped or destroyed.

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