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Thread: The Windows utility I want to see.

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    Default The Windows utility I want to see.

    I've been a computer (ab)user since 1983. They're not some "magical mystery box" to me.

    They're a TOOL, a thing to do what I want to do. If *I* want some automatic process to happen, *I* want to control *when* it happens.

    The user is *king*, dictator, tyrant. The computer should be the sniveling toady that does whatever the user commands.

    Way back in the ancient days of 1990, with Windows 3.0, an idea came to me...

    "Sledgehammer For Windows", the utility for beating Windows into submission. In other words, something to give the user the feeling of taking a 6 pound hammer to a PC to make it do as one commands.

    SFW should have 'feeling' settings from boring old normal like any tweaker app to "Yes Master!" to "What I really want to say!".

    Ie, replace the "OK" button with "Do as I say, you d@mn box!", and other 'useful' phrases. (Complete with actual cuss words, at the users' option.)

    Providing some virtual smack down for users might help prevent actual physical computer abuse and hardware damage from users irate over the dumb things Windows does.

    If it also had some animations of computer abuse like flamethrowering the monitor, tossing the tower out a window, smacking it 'cross the office with a big hammer....

    Something for the users who're fed up with their computer constantly saying "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that."

    This should be the Yes. You. WILL. Do. That! utility.

    P.S. I hereby give the name "Sledgehammer For Windows" to the public domain.

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    Welcome Galane (ab)user

    A friend of mine is used to say "Thanks to computers I deal with many problems which once I had not"

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    WoW!! Its really interesting!

    If you can provide a complete more detailed description with some images describing it and also some features like what command to obey

    I didn't get the complete meaning.

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    Till such a utility is available - may I suggest a plain hammer ?

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    Nice one,Galane !

    "I'm sorry, Dave, I can't do that."
    Now that sounds familiar to me...

    2001 Space Odyssey

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    Brilliant idea! Somewhat like WLM animoticons.

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