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Thread: An IE fix I want to see.

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    Default An IE fix I want to see.

    All browsers have a Stop button. The stop button STOPS the browser from doing whatever is going on in the window or tab currently in front.

    It works quite well, except in Internet Explorer.

    IE treats its stop button more like the user is tapping it on the shoulder and saying "I'd really appreciate it if you'd maybe pay attention to me a bit, m'kay?" then goes merrily on its way, downloading the page.

    The IE user must click stop multiple times to get the #$#$^#@ thing to actually STOP. It's like a beat up old 1960's car with only two out of eight brake shoes working. IE will slide right through the red light and get sideswiped...*

    So what I'd like to see is "STOP gawdammit!" for Internet Explorer. A utility that makes IE slam to a halt when its stop button is clicked, just like every other web browser.

    *I once bought a Mercury Comet like that from a little old lady. The shop she took it to for service NEVER once changed the oil or air filter or oil filter or spark plugs or the brakes, but they charged her for the work. It had drum brakes on all four wheels and the cylinders were frozen from corrosion so bad that only one shoe on each rear wheel still worked. She ended up blasting through a red light and got hit in the left rear.

    IE's stop button is like the brakes on that car!

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    @ Galane, you may wish to and, if you want, tell us what utility you do not want to see

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    You could be interested in Maxthon browser... it uses the same IE engine and provides expandable and improved features.

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    I feel IE has it and it works very sound.

    In the address bar see at far right you can see a Red color cross mark that is stop button of IE and it works nicely. Though I don't use IE pretty much but I feel you are looking for this only

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