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Thread: How to copy-paste between computers?

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    Default How to copy-paste between computers?

    Visit - Post information. Share it.

    Paste your text.

    Get url. Share.

    Other scenarios where you can use

    * Instant blogging.
    * Throwing a party? Post the details here and share the url with your friends (remember to make the post private).
    * Want to provide more information about yourself or your company in forums/email/visiting cards/banners? shortText it and put a link.
    * People always bug you for directions to your office or home? shortText it and just provide the link to whoever needs it (make it private).
    * Instant message has a size limit? Quickly shortText it and IM the url.
    * Emails getting filtered out at work? shortText the content of the email and just send the url.
    * Store hard-to-remember information online.
    * Publish code, research work, ideas, rants and raves; quickly.
    * shortText anything which you find yourself typing again and again.
    * shortText short lived webpage content which you would have to save locally otherwise. Find it later by searching for relevant keywords.

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    What's its use , when I can simply save a draft mail

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    u can try txtbin too

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