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Thread: Large number of websites are hardly ever visited!

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    Unhappy Large number of websites are hardly ever visited!

    Analysing visits to several million blogs & websites during the last quarter of 2009 for its State of the Web report (registration required), cloud security startup Zscaler created a Hilbert curve-generated 'heatmap' of active and inactive IPv4 sites from real customer data.

    As expected, the grid that emerged from this showed clusters of active sites as white dots, a large volume of reserved or non-routed addresses in gray, but it was the sea of dark that loomed largest of all.

    In the three months of the analysis, vast numbers of sites were not visited at all, and on the assumption that Zscaler's customers are typical of Internet users more generally, these are Internet's lost continent of sites nobody ever visits, or visit so infrequently that it doesn't register.

    Full read Huge number of websites barely visited, report finds | Computerworld India ? Information source for IT decision makers, managers and professionals

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    Very interesting ,but sad news...
    But I assume this refers mainly to that part of the web search robots don't index properly.
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