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Thread: I am the man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lightbulb I am the man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I learned a valuable lesson today. Sometimes it's good not to throw something away just because you didn't need it anymore.

    Gf went into false labor (again) today and got to hospital and tried to turn camera on and realized battery was dead. Got home this evening and found that someone had decided my charger would be good used as a hammer (hahahaha). I got to thinking and realized I had an older model camera charger from a camera same brand name and all just a model one step down. Looked it over realized contacts werent the same and was about to throw it out when I got to thinking, this atta be able to work, I SHALL MAKE IT WORK!!!!!!! I opened up the charger looked it over a bit, pulled out my trusty soldering gear, dismantled the wiring and resoldered to where I needed. Did this a few times till contacts worked correctly and I now have a fully working (ugly as hell) new battery charger for my camera.

    So next time you start to throw something away think about it first. If I had went an bought a new charger, would have cost me a little over $50.00. I gotta admit I feel pretty good bout myself right now

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    It's the little things in life that mean alot

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    ... heh heh, there is a lesson in it for everyone

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    ...i got "everything has a value..."

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