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Thread: Which one of these forum jerks is you ?

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    Talking Which one of these forum jerks is you ?

    IF at all you could classify as one, which one of these would resemble you?

    I know none of these are you even I don't consider myself to be a jerk but just this once lets chill and take a pick!

    Visit PCWorld and check out - which one of these comes closest to you? Or IF you had to be a jerk, which one on these could be you?

    Could I be the "The FIRST! Guy" ??

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    I am either the peacekeeper or the smartypants.

    Of course, it depends on the forum and the OP. Sometimes, I can be a real jerk online, if it calls for it. But, I visit a wide range of forums. Most of the time I am pretty civil, especially when I am in a help forum. In an opinionated forum, though, I'll speak my honest opinion and views (and defend them, if necessary).

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    100 views and only 1 reply - No one wants to be called a jerk

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    At one time or another i have been all of the above. Not sure where I stand now. Mostly a 'Lurker'.

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