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Thread: Facebook does not erase user-deleted content...

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    Angry Facebook does not erase user-deleted content...

    I am all in favor of social networking sites, increasing the feeling of community among people…and it's fun.
    Still, there have been growing concerns about users giving out way too much personal information, making them vulnerable in more than one way and a subject to 3rd party profilers.

    There’s even more... there is an issue over uploaded data—data maybe altered or removed by the user, but that in fact is being retained and/or passed to 3rd parties.
    I stumbled upon this article posted on, an article people should read and become aware of the fact even deleted (maybe compromising) photos or movies remain visible to others for too long- by using the direct hotlink..

    Facebook does not erase user-deleted content
    (By Zack Whittaker )

    It seems data has to be overwritten first... and you could compare the deletion to the way Windows deletes files,sending them to the recycle bin.

    In short:
    ( it seems) a harsh reality and the students of this world need to be extremely cautious. Once something goes on Facebook (or the web), it doesn’t come down again. Ever. Just because you cannot directly access it through your Facebook interface doesn’t mean that the content isn’t lurking around the corner for your next employer to stumble upon, and not give you that dream job as a result of the photos you uploaded.
    Be sure to read all about it at using the above link !
    And maybe do the test yourself..

    Last but not least,don't forget to read Corrine's post about the Facebook PrivacyScanner,a must have tool ... and enjoy Facebook .
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    Yes that is very true StrayCat - had read about this somewhere last year too.

    So one really has to be careful about what to share on Facebook today; lest it turn into an embarrassment tomorrow

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