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Thread: How to earn more money with Google Adsense

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    Default How to earn more money with Google Adsense

    You have Adsense in your blog but it is not giving you good revenue, what to do, how to increase the Adsense revenue and make more money online? This is the question that circles my mind ever since I started blogging. I have seen cases (even faced it too) that even though I am getting a good number of visitors I am not getting enough revenue.

    What’s the reason?

    You have good number of visitor’s, your PR is good than also you are not making enough from your adsense, what could be the reason behind it. Well there are 3 major reasons for that.

    1. Blog Template: This could be the first and the major reason why you aren’t making enough money online. Choosing a blog template which is not very attractive or which don’t have good Ads placement option really affects your income.

    2. Ads Placement: This is another big reason why you aren’t getting much income, Ads placement should be in a way from where you can get maximum page impressions.

    3. Blind Zones: Actually these are the zones where you have placed your ads, but your regular visitors will neglect these zones and read the main content only.

    How To Increase Revenue

    1. Optimize your blog template: Use Blog template Optimized for Adsense. Results shows that 3 Column, Right Sidebar style blogger template are the best for placing Ads. Choose a good SEO Optimized blog template.

    2. Optimizing your Ads placement: The “heat map” below, from Google, illustrates the ideal placing of ads on a typical web page layout. The colors fade from dark orange (strongest performance) to light yellow (weakest performance). Ads above the fold perform better than those below the fold and Ads placed near content and the navigation do well because users are focused on those areas of a page.

    3. Cycle Ads position: This is the best way to Boost your Adsense income, there is no other way better than this which will help you to earn more revenue from Adsense. As I already discussed about the blind zones, cycling Ads position frequently (ever 3 week) will really help you to gain income from your regular visitors too.

    4. Change Font Style and Color: Most of the blogger’s don’t care about this much they just create an AD Unit and forgot about them once they get the code. If you want to earn more you need to experiment with your fonts and color, and this doesn’t mean that once you get an appropriate font and color which is suiting your theme and is giving good revenue you should stop doing it. You should still continue to change the appearance of your Text Ads on a frequent basis.

    5. Unique Visitors: As I said these are the visitors which click the most on your Ads as compared to your regular visitors, so how to get them. There is no Golden Rule of getting unique visitors but for me the best way is to use Forum posting and Giveaways. These two methods boost your traffic and thereby your Adsense revenue.

    My Personal Experience:
    I have applied the above method for months before posting this and it is very successful for me, I get a boost in my income the very day I change my Ads Placement and appearance. I can assure you 90% success with this method.
    Be Patient: Time, trial and error are what you need to succeed

    So what do you do to Boost your adsense Revenue, would you like to share?

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    Create channels and evaluate each position. I found in TWC that my sidebar ad wasn't earning. I tried one at the end of the post. Works very nicely! usually I have mixed image+text ads, but at the end of the post I have used large horizontal text (sometimes changed to small horizontal mixed).

    Nothing else I do has really been able to materially influence my adsense revenue.

    Take the case of eCPM. Some weeks it just drops, inspite of traffic remaining constant. This results in a lower earning!

    So I've just decided to stop looking at the figures

    Nice post, btw!

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    Research with differnt size to see hows it goin and al and ad placement and position is the key factor heat maps can be useful to find out high and low click places.

    Take the case of eCPM. Some weeks it just drops, inspite of traffic remaining constant. This results in a lower earning!
    Same is the case with me

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    Google Adsense can be tricky. I have always been minimal with Adsense and haven't really generated much income as much as my other activities. Like in any other form of advertising, implementing the right strategies and tactics will enable you to succeed in either driving massive traffic to your site or getting PPC campaigns off the ground and into success.

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