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Thread: Google AdSense account de-activated due to invalid clicks?

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    Post Google AdSense account de-activated due to invalid clicks?

    If you have concerns about invalid clicks and keeping your account in good standing, then Google has provided below a list of the most common issues and concerns a publisher may have.

    • I accidentally clicked my own ads. Will this cause a problem for my account?
    • I noticed some unusual click activity on my account. How can I protect myself from invalid clicks?
    • Can I view my own site without generating invalid impressions?
    • Can you block my IP address or the IP addresses of my users?
    • I use the same IP as other users. Will this cause a problem?
    • I expect a significant increase in my site traffic. Do I need to report it?
    • My reports are showing clicks on my ads but no earnings. What is going on?
    • Can I use my own AdSense for search bar to perform my searches?

    More HERE !

    Report invalid clicks HERE:

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    Thanks for the link.

    But I hope that I would never use that :P

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