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Thread: Editing posts after 24 hours ?

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    hackerman1 is offline Senior Member
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    Dec 2008

    Default Editing posts after 24 hours ?

    hi !

    i just discovered that itīs NOT possible anymore to edit your OWN posts after 24 hours !

    i think this is REALLY bad, if i want to update with new information, or just edit a typo / grammar,
    i should be able to do it anytime.
    it has happened more then once that i have discovered a typo several weeks after posting....
    i can understand that a post is "locked" from delete after 24 hours, that is REALLY good.

    as a fresh example , today i wanted to update my BIG post:
    with new info about new ramdisk-software that i installed earlier today.

    but i couldnīt do it, i had to PM Andy, asking for help....

    Poll: what do you think, should we be able to edit our own posts anytime ?
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    dave.m is offline New Member
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    Jun 2010


    I think the edit button should be disabled IF there is a reply to your post. This prevents posters from editing after a reply and changing their post to mak ethe replier look silly.
    On any forum that I reply to, I expect that the post I am replying to will stay the same and not be edited later and thus could make my reply look daft.
    I see no problem with making a fresh post and stating that it is an update to your previous one.

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    Dude111 is offline Windows Enthusiast
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    Jun 2010


    Thats exactly why alot of sites dont allow it: PEOPLE CHANGE THIER REPLYS AND THEN THE THREAD IS OUT OF SORTS..

    It IS a pain but due to people liking to cause trouble,i can understand it

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    HappyAndyK's Avatar
    HappyAndyK is offline Site Administrator
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    Jun 2008


    After implementing 3 minor security measure
    1. Disabling editing of posts after 24 hrs
    2. Disallowing new members with less than a particular no.of posts, to post live url/links
    3. And one more

    Life has been a lot easier for us.

    No porn posts. No Spam/shareware posts to delete.

    There are some who may make an innocent new post and then come back after maybe weeks when the posts goes a bit cold to edit their own posts and insert sharware links or maybe even a malicious code. Its then impossible to control it.

    If its imp I suggest you ask me, and I will edit it. Else its always a good idea to make a new post in that topic, so that everyone knows that there is an update to that thread; else there is always the possibility that the updated 1st post may go unnoticed.

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    Swarup1987's Avatar
    Swarup1987 is offline Windows Enthusiast
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    Jan 2010


    HappyAndyK clear this matter now

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