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Thread: Ever had a dork moment? Local Disk Q after installing Office 2010 Beta?

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    Talking Ever had a dork moment? Local Disk Q after installing Office 2010 Beta?

    So I feel like a complete Dork today!

    Lets start back a month ago. I was working on my laptop and happened to go to My Computer and noticed this newly listed drive along with all my other drives! I ran numerous scans, searched the computer, the registry, by all accounts it existed but further checking, there was no way to access it. Usually this is the point I start with virus scan, malware scanners.................... and let them do their work. Security Essentials seemed to have no problems with it, Eset neither, everything showed good to go. Final step. Move all my files to a safe spot and reformat. I generally do a reformat every 6 months so this was no big deal, just meant I would be a month early. I wound up losing all my project files to SMART, Quick Restore Maker and 6 months worth of work on the (FIRST) Windows 7 Logon Editor. Yes I said first, this was no wallpaper changer. This was the do to the Logon Screen what you will editor. Researched 4 months before I began, and then added 6 more months of work into it.

    Ok shoot forward to today. I am sitting here bored, decide to play a movie. I go to My Computer and low and behold this mysterious drive has shown back up. That's when the few choice words of #@!@$%#@R start rolling out, then I stopped calmly and decided, there has got to be a reason for this. So I go to Google, type in Local Disk Q, thats right Local Disk Q (don't laugh yet) and looky here, theres posting about it all over Google.

    Now I generally see myself as someone that keeps up fairly well with the day to day happenings and I was dumbfounded as to how I didn't know about this. So now I am wearing my duh hat, feeling pretty much like a dork, and looking back and what I caused myself to lose the last time. I'm kinda peeved. Microsoft could have at least given a warning in the setup dialog to let you know.

    To anyone that doesn't know. If you install Office 2010 Beta or full release version, Office 2010 Beta will create a Local Disk Q listed in My Computer. This is part of the new Office 2010 Click to Run technology
    More information here: Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

    So for anyone reading this and don't know Local Disk Q is not a virus. It is part of Office 2010.

    Ok my rant is over with. Anyone else have had themselves a Dork Moment? Share it with the TWC world

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    Normally I do not install beta's

    Must say this is news to me. Thanks for the post.

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    How can I clear Local disk Q?

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    Good to know how such things can happen

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